A small team with a clear goal in mind!

A little bit about us.


We started work on somesite in mid/late 2021 with a vision, to give small start-ups or individuals/groups a platform to build their online presence. Each member of the team works full-time in their specific specialities: Web Development, Front End Design & Graphic Design.


Is the creator and director of somesite.co.uk and works full time as a web developer specialising in front end development. Likes riding bikes, loves dogs & is a future kickboxing world champion.


Works full time as a software engineer working for large UK based companies and has a degree in software engineering. He has extensive knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, Laravel, Javascript and React.js… I think that’s all. Love cats and beer.


Has multiple years of experience in graphic design and extensive knowledge with the adobe suite. He works as a freelance graphic designer and web developer. Funds uber eats by himself, hall of famer. 

Our mission.

Lets have fun with it

Our vision is to have an option in place for people to build an online presence for themselves and make it as stress-free and easy as possible. Our goal is to be beginner-friendly and treat our clients like a friend. We want to help you be creative and bring the best ideas you have, to life.

We have a plethora of knowledge and experience for you to pick from.

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